House Banefort

East Coastal Westerland

Date 9/17 - 7/19
Co-op: Ammika and GeneralMcNuggets. Dropout of Nuggets halfway through the project at 3/18

Significant Canon

"The Baneforts claim descent from the Hooded Man and were First Men kings during Age of Heroes. Morgon Banefort was the last hooded king. Were in support of supported Tywin Lannister during the rebellion of the House Reyne and Tarbeck."


Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp banefort

Coastlal Banetown: /warp banetown1

Winery: /warp bfwinery

Septry: /warp bfseptry


Other Facts

Co-op was broken up due to a percieved miscommunication of griefing. The situation appears to be that one of the co-op leaders spotted their partner editing personal/private aspects of her portion of the project. She informed the moderators immeditaly before consulting "Nuggs" (Generalmcnuggets) which eventually lead to frustration and strained partnership which fell out. Nuggs then persude Silverhill