House Caswell

Northeast Reach

Date 5/16 - 7/2017

Significant Canon

The Bitterbridge is an old stone bridge and the northernmost crossing of the Roseroad over the Mander river. Its ancient and strong foundations have made it a viable candidate for many an army to cross the Mander, able to withhold the weight of any siege weapons and soldiers that might traverse it. Originally called the Stonebridge, the savagery of a particular battle that took place on its age-old span made the muddy waters of the Mander beneath it run red with blood. Although it has not seen such bloodshed since that day, it was forever known afterwards as the Bitterbridge. Today, it is guarded to the east by the seat of House Caswell, a stout castle of stone and timber. Not far south of it stands the town of Bitterbridge, a thriving Reach commune of trade and commerce that prospers from the various travellers who walk the Roseroad.

bitterbridge image

Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp bitterbridge

Bitterbridge Town: /warp bbtown

Castle: /warp bbcastle

bitterbridge image

Other Facts

The original Bitterbridge was built by PJAxel1927 in late August 2012, who was inspired by Runkel Castle in Germany, but shortened the towers and reduced the scale of the castle so as to meet the canon of a squat castle that appears tall due to the flat plains of the surrounding lands. With the new map and new blocks, Bitterbridge was opened up again for application. ErtyLink, a builder, took up the job in early March 2015. Due to feeling burnt out by the project after almost a year working on it, ErtyLink dropped the project in 2016. Later that same year in May, Howy, a longtime builder, took up the project. A notable change from the older versions was to separate the town and the bridge. In late July 2017, the project as a whole was completed.

bitterbridge image