The Dreadfort

House Bolton

Eastern North along the Weeping Waters

Project in progress
SMP & Bantyrooster

Significant Canon

The Dreadfort is the seat of House Bolton in the North. The Boltons are notorious for flaying their enemies, with historical legends claiming the skin would create the fabric of their tents or tents or cloaks. The Boltons also claim lineage from the first men. The Boltons play as major antagonists throughout the show and books. Engaging in events such as the “Red Wedding” and “Battle of the Bastards.”


Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp dreadfort

Torture Dungeons: /warp dfdungeons


Other Facts

The joke “finish the Dreadfort” is a 2018 meme that has followed our builder “Banty Rooster” from his former project, “The Crag” this joke has also crept up to annoy his co-leader SMP. All the torture mechanisms in the dungeon are historically accurate but one, can you guess which room?