The Eyrie

House Arryn

Central Mountains of the Vale

Date 10/4 - 10/4
Server Build

Significant Canon

House Arryn of the Eyrie, is the principal ruling house of The Vale of Arryn. The Eyrie proper is a castle that is nestled the largest mountain in all of Westeros. The castle is described as "7 white swords thrust into the belly of the sky" and is considerable impregnable because of its location and defenses. Some notable members of the house are Jon Arryn, Lysa (Tully) Arryn (Catelyn's Sister), and Robert Arryn. The sigil of House Arryn is a falcon volant next to a crescent moon. The crescent moon is highly symbolic for House Arryn and connected to the name of the mountain range in the Vale, "The Mountains of the Moon," and their method of execution, "The Moon Door," a door on the side of their great hall from which people are thrown and plunge six hundred feet to their deaths on the rocks below.


Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp eyrie

Skycells: /warp skycells


Other Facts

The Eyrie was built during October 2014. However, the entire planning process of this build took upwards of one year. The leadership of the Eyrie went through many hands while finally being lead by Davinator and Galivis. The planning of the build aside, the terraforming of the path leading to the Eyrie took nearly 4-5 months of in-game terraforming. On build day, over 60 builders contributed and at one point there were 100 people online. The actual building of the Eyrie took under two weeks to complete.