Bannerman of House Tully

Western Riverlands along the Blue Fork

Project in progress

Significant Canon

Fairmarket is a modestly size town along the blue fork, a river trident in the norther riverlands. The town has a wooden bridge that robb stark sends scouts to see if they're able to cross. But the bridge is washed away in the storms.


Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp fairmarket

Holdfast: /warp fmhf1

The Other Holdfast: /warp fmhf2


Other Facts

Estoop, a former moderator has been working on this project for so long that documentation of his application date is lost to the writer who is writing this section. The town is greatly inspired by his local architecture of Amsterdam, presented with tall homes the lean inward toward the streets. During his time on fairmarket, it has notoriously "nuked" (removed/demolished) various sections and has srunk the town house population by 1/4th. Often, when people reference a prefect obsessed builder and project Fairmarket and Estoop is where they poke fun. However, despite the snarky claims of Stoops crass critiques and view of building, Fairmarket is a popular place to send guests to visit.