House Toland

Northwest Dorne

Date 6/14 - 11/14

Significant Canon

Ghost Hill is one of the premiere harbors for traders and travelers sailing between southern Westeros and Essos. Dornish travelers wishing to sail north might consider setting out from Ghost Hill, so as not to risk their lives in the Stepstones amidst the pirates and mercenaries. House Toland is noted for "successfully resisting" Aegon the Conquerer's dragon conquest. Rather than face them on the field of battle or a siege, they instead left behind their fool to fight as a champion while the noble family and their army escaped into the sands. They returned some time later, after Aegon had moved on.


Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp ghosthill

Olive Groves: /warp ghosthillolive


Other Facts

While there had never been an approved Ghost Hill beforehand, there were a few failed applications. Until the current Ghost Hill, it had been known as a "cursed" build. If you compare SMP's first app, a year prior, you can see the similarities to the final Ghost Hill.