House Herston


Date 12/16 - 4/17

Significant Canon

Herston is the seat of House Herston, located in the southern Stormlands, on the north bay of the Sea of Dorne. House Herston blazons their shields with a yellow rooster's head with red comb, within a white escutcheon, on a red field. Their words are not known and they have no known members and no known historical members.


Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp herston

Hamlet: /warp herstonhamlet1

Log Camp: /warp herstonlogcamp


Other Facts

Boliiid applied for the project in mid-November 2016 and construction started the 3rd of December the same year. Initially, the construction of the castle started and later the town and hamlets as well. The project was finished on 12 of April 2017.