High Garden

House Tyrell

Central Reach

Project in progress
Server Build

Significant Canon

High Garden is the capitol of the Reach and is the seat of House Tyrell. The castle itself sits along the roseroad and the mander. Famous for its weeding-cake-like layout the castle is comprised of three circular tiers each getting smaller and higher towards the center. The outermost ring contains a garden maze (Briar Labyrinth) and the main to hold the main features of the castle.


Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp hg

Main Town: /warp hgtown

Sept: /warp septofsummer


Other Facts

High Garden has never been built before in the servers history. This includes the period of building on of our Old map. Orginally designed to be undertaken by a popular castle builder, TsarKaiser48, it was dropped when disgreements ensued and Tsar himself had seminary to attend. Afterewords it was taken up by two moderators at the time, Arkilstorm and Enahsian. Since then the project has made steady progress, with the town mostly and castle mostly to entirely complete as of 12/19. MargareyTyrell would like you to know she planeted the flowers.