Holy Hall

House Graceford


Date 1/19 -5/19
MargeryTyrell & Desmera Redwyne

Significant Canon

Holy Hall is the seat of House Graceford, a noble house from The Reach. It's location is directly north of Highgarden and its style heavily borrows from it's local design and architecture. The region is primarily agricultural with rolling fields of grain, crops, and orchards abound and great deals of blooming flowers bursting through the region. Their sigil is with the Mother's face upon white pale wavy dividing a brown field. Their words are "Work Her Will".

Holy Hall

Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp holyhall

Village: /warp holyhallvillage1

Holy Hall

Other Facts

Desmera and Margaery applied for the project on January 7th 2019 and completed the project on May 8th 2019. Approving mods were Elduwin and Howy. Builders of high note were Xeson, Ammika and Endy who completed massive amounts houses and assisted greatly with the project.

Holy Hall