House Lannister

Eastern Westerlands

Date 2/14 -2/15
Server Build

Significant Canon

Lannisport is one of the major cities of Westeros, and is the third largest after Oldtown and King's Landing. The ancient city was first a village, then a town, first built at the base of Casterly Rock but has grown into a center of trade, finance, and military strength. The city's expansion was managed by House Lannister, the Kings of the Rock after they claimed Casterly Rock from House Casterly in the Age of Heroes. The Lannisters improved the harbor, built the walls and gatehouses, and managed the finances of the city, which grew rich from several gold mines and goldsmiths in the area. Three of the major roads of Westeros (the River Road, the Gold Road, and the Ocean Road) connect Lannisport to the surrounding regions. The city boasts one of the major ports of Westeros, attracting trade from all over the known world.


Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp lp

Casterly Rock Castle: /warp casterlyrock

Docks: /warp lpdocks


Other Facts

Lannisport was large server build that began in February 2014 and was completed within a year or so. The city was planned and plotted by Contra and built in four phases, starting in the northeast and moving towards the docks to the southwest. Large projects were completed seperately, such as the Lannisters of Lannisport Palace built by birdman7 or the Great Sept of Lannisport built by SMP. The guild halls and city squares were often overseen by builders that applied for those projects. Casterly Rock was built separately and completed later than the city.