House MerryWeather


Date Fostered and Completed 12/18
Fostered by Otmis25

Significant Canon

Longtable is the seat of house MerryWeather is and sits just south of bitterbridge along the Mander. Located here, was the siege of Longtable by Lord Ormund Hightower. However to help free the siege, a dragon egg of Prince Maelor Targaryen was sent to Lord Ormund by Lady Caswell of Bitterbridge, whom had just executed the prince within her walls. Eventually Lady Merryweather yielded.


Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp longtable

Vineyard and Hamlet: /warp ltvineyard

Tunden Village: /warp Tunden

Other Facts

Orginally lead by snake (and techincally Kulmen) the project was abandoned in 2016 after the disappreance of snake. The town was notoriously had a bad attempt of a whitewashed palette using plaster, clay and marble to attempt to do so. 3 years later, after the introduction of a foster project, Otty took it up as her 3rd foster lead with assistance of MargeryTyrell and DesemeraRedwyn. In general due to the historically bad pallete, she introduced a modernized version, that also wiped out the barn-style roof that has since go out-of-style. In addition the town would be cleaned up and simplified down, by whacking away the overabundance of weeds and plant decorum. The fields too were updated and the enteriors of all homes were also scratched and completely redone. However the objective of a foster project is to main the orignal vision of the first lead but to complete it and update it, there was no changes to the layout and visual plan of the town and castle. The castle itself orginally was far too overdecorated and tightly layed out, the "longtable" of Longtable was moved to the northern end of the building and the gables shrunk to be in a smaller building to open up the bailey. The interiors were modernized and simplified aswell.