House Serrett

The Westerlands

Project in progress

Significant Canon

Silverhill is the seat of House Serrett. The lands of Silverhill contain one of the major mines of the westerlands, where they obtain much of their wealth from.


Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp silverhill

Town: /warp silverhilltown

Silverhall (Castle specific warp): /warp silverhall


Other Facts

Silverhill was "nuked" (demolished) during Carci's update of the mander river in this region. Seeing it was using the wrong stone palette, and was unslighly to the trained eye, it was removed through the terraforming process. GeneralMcnuggets took up the project after the drama ensued with Ammika over banefort. The banefort application had been intended for such location anyways, but was suggested to be moved over to an area more appropriate for that style.