Stoney Sept

Bannermen of House Tully

The Riverlands

Date 7/14 - retouching completed in 2015

Significant Canon

Stoney Sept is a walled town in the southern Riverlands. It is located south of Acorn Hall, southeast of Pinkmaiden and north of the Goldroad. The headwaters of the Blackwater Rush are nearby. This prosperous town is one of many in the Riverlands large enough to be considered a small city, though the official charter has never been granted by the crown The town is notorious for being the site of the Battle of the Bells during Robert's Rebellion. After losing the Battle of Ashford in the Reach, Robert Baratheon was being tended by friends in Stoney Sept, awaiting Lord Eddard Stark's forces from the North. Jon Connington sent his soldiers to search the town from house to house. But the rebellious townfolk kept Robert hidden until Hoster Tully and Lord Eddard Stark advanced on the town.

Stoney Sept

Important Locations

Main Warp: /warp stoneysept

Lump Camp: /warp sslumber

Bells Bridge: /warp bellsbridge

Stoney Sept

Other Facts

2018 Stoney Sept was redone by Howy. Since then the article has not been updated as to the construction of Stoney Sept

Stoney Sept